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Food & Beverage

Enable automated business processes across people, systems, and AI

Digital transformation in Food & Beverage Industry

Digitalization envelops a transformation in the way industrial environments work. For the food and beverage industry, companies can better comply with legislation through a transformation in areas including connectivity, intelligent sensors, traceability, cloud computing, and monitoring.

Restaurants have embraced technology to enhance productivity, efficiency, food quality, and customer experiences. 

How Antelope helps on F&B industry?


InSnap Solution

The out-of-the-box solutions work as a communication bridge between the head-office and branches.

With the user-friendly mobile app interface, the employees in branches just snap the delivery notes or invoices, our solution with AI will cross-check the information provided and upload it to the cloud system.

It releases time for staff in branches to deliver those papers to the head office and eliminates the risks of loss. 


Other solutions F&B customers also consider:


Document Management Solution

Return your employee focus to their work. With digital documents, the tedious tasks of preparing, filing, and managing paperwork disappear. 


Employees' personal files, delivery notes, invoices, and more can be retrieved in an instant from your secure document repository, instead of after a thorough filing cabinet search. 


Account Payable Solutions

Antelope uses automation to make your AP workflow seamless and simple.  It automates and streamlines your day-to-day finance operations while boosting productivity. 

It can also integrate with the existing accounting system, eliminating the need for separate books or records for ordering, costing, and other management accounting purposes. 


eForm Solutions

User-friendly interface with just a few clicks to build your forms to fit your business need.  It can eliminate paper processes that introduce waiting periods.

When it comes to hiring new employees, e-forms are much more efficient to work with instead of using paper-based forms. They can be filled out and entered into your system much more quickly.


Additionally, it can automatically route to relevant parties for review or approval.

Workflow Solutions

Your employees no longer have to fume about sending their requests via email or an impenetrable application.

Antelope workflow provides an intuitive interface for the employees with a highly customizable design workflow that fit your organization's needs. Saves enormous time spent on paper transactions and emails and spreadsheets.

It can automate vendor onboarding, staff recruitment, accounts receivable, contract management, and more.


Human Resources Solutions

Antelope helps in organise key HR documents like job offers or resumes and leverages workflows to get compliant with HR regulations and hire more efficiently.


It securely automates employee onboarding and separation processes.  All HR documents and files are in a secure environment with access permissions on sensitive information.


Contract Management Solutions

Antelope centralize your contracts, automate your internal processes and collaborate effectively at every stage to maintain flawless compliance.

Our class-leading AI Extract engine will auto-extract all key metadata and clause language by simply uploading a PDF or scanned contract.

And the automated reminders for contract renewals would not miss any renewal deadline, and keep you stay ahead of the competition.

How do our customers benefits from Antelope solutions?

  • Unify the operation process, all documents can be shared with the back office on a mobile device. It can strengthen the communication between the back office and restaurants.​

  • Free up valuable space and reduce manpower for paper document management.

  • Reduce the manpower for delivering the paper document to the back office and eliminate the risk of document loss.

  • Automate the delivery note and invoice capturing process with AI-based OCR to reduce the time on manual input and verification.

  • Optimize the account payable process which reduces the verification time and cost.

  • All documents are stored in the central repository, the financing department can find what they need quickly.

  • Streamline the entire process from staff recruitment, onboarding, and performance appraisal to off-boarding in one single platform.

  • Centralize the storage of staff profiles, supporting documents, and metadata with a high-level security document management system.

  • The operation process becomes easier and reduces time and allows employees to devote time and energy to other tasks.

Solutions Flow​ 

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Reach our Solutions Consultants to understand more of our products and professional service at your most convenience.

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