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MobileWork DX

Experience the digital transformation that brings numerous benefits 

Manage all tasks at your fingertips

Save time and stay on schedule by delegating and tracking tasks. Avoid losing work or scrambling to track down information.

Also, this is easily seen in status changes and updates on individual tasks.

With a desktop and a mobile app, you can manage your team’s tasks on the go, no matter where you are.

Automatic your input with powerful AI-auto classification

With the powerful Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, users can simply take pictures of documents from smartphones or scan through multi-function devices.


And the AI technology will help capture useful data and classify documents by type automatically. The files will store in related cloud folders for future usage.


You can retrieve business documents smartly and instantly anywhere and anytime.

Makes content collaboration & sharing easier

You can share files, feedback, ideas, and more so that anyone can tap into your team’s shared knowledge.

The collaboration is in real-time, assign tasks and notify your teammates of status changes, online. Close the feedback loop faster, and enhance the overall teamwork and collaboration level of the business.

Look at daily activities at a glance

The dashboard acts as a central hub of information, users can view their daily activities more easily. Users can view all upcoming tasks, the company’s latest news, and also colleagues who are taking leave by swapping finger to the right or bottom.

Intelligence eBusiness card

The business card module with advanced image capture technology is able to digitalize the physical business card simply by turning on the camera of your mobile devices.


The information on the physical business card can be digitalized and categorized into a respective index such as “Last Name”, “First Name”, “Company”, “Position”, and “Telephone”, etc. 

The digital business card profile could be shared easily across the group or saved into the personal phone contact list.

Scan to Workflow

You can apply for leaves or seek approval within a shorter period of time by using our built-in workflow. 

Also, you can scan, attach and submit supporting documents to a specified workflow through the panel on a multi-functional device in a one-step process.


It eliminates manual operation and reduces time as copies of originals do not have to be first scanned to the computer first.

Bring your workforce connected

MobileWork DX has redefined the concept of the company intranet, turning these into virtual communities where colleagues can interact in real-time, collaborate, and share files and documents.

The mobile app allows your employees to stay connected, even when they’re not in front of the computer.

They can view the Company Memo to get the most updated company news, share the documents in the Document folder, also can put the photos in Photo, and share them with everyone.

Direct print & scan

Scanning or printing originals from or to MFD and uploading them on the cloud has been much more easily than before!


MobileWork DX allows users to scan and upload to the cloud server in a single step directly operated via MFD’s control panel.


Users also can retrieve the files through MobileWork DX on the panel and proceed to print directly. 

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