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Antelope makes humanware which meets the future needs of our customers

Automate work in every department with powerful workflows, e-forms, and smart document management.

Document Management

Manage your document never such easy

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Electronic Forms

Eliminate paper forms with a better experience

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Business WorkFlow

Streamline your workflow smarter

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AI Capture

Intelligent Document Processing is driven by data science and powered by machine learning

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Form Capturing

Capture and recognize your document smarter

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Project Management

A powerful management solution gives you a 360-degree view to keep your business stay ahead of the industry

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Email Archiving

Archive your emails by project code or sales case to avoid information duplicate

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Microsoft Office Integration

Integrate with your Microsoft Office for creating and saving documents online

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Collaborative Editing

Edit your Microsoft Office documents with your teammates online at the same moment

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Record Management

Manage the document life cycle from creation, retention, and destruction

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Cloud Sharing

Share the documents and workflows to your suppliers, vendors, partners, and guest users with access control

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