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Antelope Products

Our philosophy "We make humanware" which drives us to strive for perfection in our product design and development for over 20 years.


Document Management & Workflow

Antelope Enterprise servers as the core in the entire Antelope ecosystem. Apart from document management and collaborative purpose, it allows all other components, plug-ins and integrations to work with it seamlessly. 

Antelope Workflow lets you design and download ready-to-use templates so that you can enjoy instantly performance improvement without your organization.

Document & Data Capture

We capture data and information from various channels including hardcopy scanning, electronic files, mobile camera, web data and messaging platforms. The information captured will be transformed into metadata, electronic forms and workflow processes.


Plug-ins & Integrations

Over the two decades, we developed different plug-ins to serve for various business requirements including Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, iPhone, Android, Acrobat Sign, DocuSign, Virtual Printing etc. Our API offers integration capability by using RESTful and Web Service.

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