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Share on-premises files externally in a secure way.

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Engage anyone, anytime, anywhere

Antelope CloudSync enhances secure collaboration by allowing folder sharing with external parties, even if the Antelope solution is only accessible on an internal network.


Simply select the folders to share, enter the email addresses of external users, and they'll receive an invitation to join the CloudSync portal. Once registered, they can access the folders with specific access rights you assign, ensuring secure and controlled data sharing.

High Security

Our solution ensures secure document sharing with 256-bit AES encryption and customizable access levels, including Read, Edit, and Delete. Set passwords and expiry dates to limit access duration. Importantly, unshared folders remain inaccessible. Admins can oversee activity with detailed CloudSync Usage Reports, maintaining control and security.

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Sync up both servers seamlessly

Antelope seamlessly syncs folders between the on-premises Workspace Server and the public cloud-based CloudSync Server. This allows both file owners and collaborators to work as if on a single platform, with automatic updates and instant notifications ensuring everyone is always in sync.

Integration with other Antelope Solutions

Boost productivity by integrating CloudSync with our products like Antelope Workflow. For instance, users can submit eForms with an "External User Email" section. Upon submission, a workflow triggers automatic upload to CloudSync, and external parties receive an access link via email, streamlining the process efficiently.


How it works:


Antelope CloudSync securely stores selected files, allowing access via invitation-only, ensuring external parties can't reach the entire system.

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