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Generative AI

Antelope Genie

The cutting-edge generative AI LLM engine is designed to revolutionize document processing and data analysis, tailored for corporate knowledge bases.

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On-Premises LLM

Antelope Genie can be deployed under On-Premises Large Language Models (LLMs), and is able to deliver insights within your documents. Throughout trained on extensive datasets, our Genie produces human-like text that enhances productivity and aligns perfectly with your unique business needs. Offering deeper customization than standard LLMs, our Genie ensures that the generated results are both relevant and specific to your requirements.

Better Protection of Your Knowledge Base

By operating On-Premises LLM, your corporation retains full control over the model and the data it processes. All input information is securely stored on local server, instead of public cloud. This is essential for businesses that manage sensitive data and must adhere to strict data privacy regulations or internal corporate policies against external data sharing.

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Runs on RAG & Embedding Technology

Antelope Genie leverages Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) to integrate your company data with LLM insights, producing superior responses. By embedding raw data and prompts you input into a Vector Database, it efficiently identifies relevant information, enabling the LLM to generate precise, context-aware responses tailored to your needs.

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