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Contract Management

Streamline contract creation and renewal process

Why digitized Contract Management is important?

For any organization, managing contracts is a very tricky and cyclopean task. For example, a simple contract expiry query or the effort to locate the latest contract version can handicap a transaction.

Digital transformation to Contract Management Solutions enables organizations to centralize the contracts, automate internal processes, and collaborate effectively at every stage to maintain flawless compliance.   It also helps businesses drive down costs, reduce time spent on administrative tasks and improve resilience.

Antelope Contract Management Solution is a total contract management solution driven to streamline every aspect of contract management.  With features an AI analysis that to recognize language patterns and legal concepts to conduct high-level contract analysis and comparison within minutes.  It also integrates with electronic signature platforms to transform the existing paper-based contracting process into a completely digital experience.

Our Contract Management Solution can help businesses

  • Shorten approval times

  • Increase contract visibility

  • Improve audit preparation

  • Never miss a renewal date

  • Ensure contract compliance

  • Improve document management

  • Integrate with third-party digital signature

How Antelope makes contract management easy?

Auto contract scanning and data extraction

Contract data are captured, match and process with build-in AI-based OCR technology which does not requires manual input and verification. Metadata such as contract date, subject and company name can be extracted automatically.

Help you manage your business, not contract

Contracts and agreements are well managed with high grade security document management system, all documents are subscribed and monitored for pre-defined expiry date. Person-in-charged will be notified for further actions before the contract expiration.

Create new contract by templates

Auto generating new employment contract and HR letters for further processing by person-in-charge via web or MS-Office interface without repeating manual work.

Low-code workflow configuration for approval processes

Antelope's graphic user interface lets you to change your workflow approval process without any coding. You can append or remove any workflow steps and publish for using at anytime. 

How do our customers benefits from Antelope contract management solutions?

  • Reduce time and effort on manage all contracts and agreements.

  • Prevent contract expiry on tenancy or service agreements from penalty.

  • Sales team can have a better customer management with proactive reminder on different dates.

  • Legal team can set several reminding date to avoid missing schedule.

  • Auto creation of contract from pre-defined templates from human errors.

  • Send to overseas customers by e-sign and auto attached back to workflow for further processing.

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