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Integrations & API

Power processes throughout many high-performing businesses that keep data in sync, enhance productivity, and drive revenue

Easy to integrate

Along with the core system, Antelope provides various ways to share our data with other in-house systems.

Integration can be achieved in different ways: SOAP API, RESTful API, WhatsApp, and third Party Systems.


Works well with Omni Channel

Through the Antelope API, multiple out-reach touchpoints are available for businesses to success-fully address the challenge of seamless customer experience in today’s digital world.


And allows businesses to unify all the major communication platforms together, makes accessing and deploying the campaign is easier and quicker than before.


Design for work everywhere

Antelope API integration helps you to connect all your company’s systems to a single platform, so that you can easily control all of them, through which you can connect various systems and other applications, both mobile apps and websites.

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