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Capture and transfer to different systems and locations

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Multiple data sources monitoring

DCIP enhances data management by continuously monitoring hot-folders, email, and FTP/sFTP servers, automatically detecting new files like scanned images, PDFs, and XML data to ensure no critical information slips through the cracks.


This monitoring capability not only boosts efficiency by speeding up the entire data handling process, but also saves time by reducing the need to continuously monitor incoming files across various platforms.

Data extraction and OCR

Upon detecting new files, DCIP automatically employs OCR (Optical Character Recognition) to transform images and scanned documents into editable, searchable text. It also efficiently extracts crucial information from PDFs and XML files.


This automated, precise data extraction and transfer process significantly reduces human error, boosting both the accuracy and reliability of your data management.

Data extraction and OCR.png

Data and Image Export

Leverage the DCIP API to seamlessly export processed data and images directly to the NLS system or any other third-party system of your choice. Our product integrates smoothly with your existing infrastructure, offering unparalleled flexibility to handle and export data from multiple sources to various destinations simultaneously.

Rule-based configuration

DCIP enables the creation of customized data handling rules, allowing for tailored workflows across various data types and sources. Adapt workflows to align with shifts in business processes, organizational growth, and escalating data needs, thereby boosting scalability and operational efficiency.

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Solution Flow​ 

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