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Streamline Your Operations to stay ahead in competitive market

How does Antelope Solution help to reduce manual tasks?


In many logistics companies, the documentation involved in the entire shipping process—including application forms, quotations, bills of lading, packing list, customs declaration, goods invoice and delivery note—is in printed format. Additionally, staff manually send documents and communicate with customers via email. During peak seasons, staff can become overwhelmed with handling paperwork and updating customers.

Our client, a large-scale logistics company based in Asia, receives a high volume of shipping orders daily. The current process demands a considerable amount of time and manpower and is insufficient to keep up with the demand. They are in urgent need of a system that can fulfill their requirements for managing sales orders.

Business Challenges

Paper Overload.png

Huge Volume of Paper Documents

The shipping process involves a staggering amount of paperwork, which is stored in numerous big box files. It is difficult for staff and management to track the order location and to search for specific documents shortly. It is always challenging to communicate and share documents with other local and overseas departments.

Status Tracking.png

Inadequate Real-Time Status Tracking

Our client struggles to provide real-time tracking and updates to their customers due to a reliance on manual systems. The inability to offer up-to-the-minute information can result in a lack of transparency, and the Customer Service team is not able to update customers on the order status promptly, diminishing customer satisfaction. 


Late Delivery Penalty

Shipment schedules are agreed upon, and penalties may be imposed if there is an order delay. However, the risk of human error is heightened due to paper-based filing and manual workflow systems. Late submission of documents, incorrect information on waybills, or improper package sorting could lead to penalties.

Fierce Competition.png

Fierce Competition in the Industry

Utilization of workforce and resource are the keys in maintaining the competitiveness in the industry. Manual Operation cannot provide instant view for the operation performance and potentially cause increase of human error rates when volume is going up. Consequently, the imperative to deliver goods promptly, accurately, and cost-effectively has never been greater.


Document Management.png

Advanced Document Management Features

Antelope offers document management features that significantly enhance filling efficiency. Antelope 6 Genie AI comes with an auto-indexing feature that aids in file sorting and searching. Officers can swiftly prepare shipping documents using customized eForm templates. After uploading, these documents automatically trigger the next step in the process.


Task Management Simplified

Our task management module facilitates the easy tracking and updating of logistics activities in real-time on the dashboard. In line with our client's operational practices, a large screen displaying four core business regions has been installed. Management and teammates can quickly ascertain what tasks need attention, who is responsible, and the current status of each task. As a result, re-allocating tasks becomes more straightforward.

Efficient Workflow.png

Intelligent Workflow Automation

Antelope's workflow management tools enable our clients to create custom, codeless operational flows. Documents and tasks transition smoothly from one stage to the next, thus enhancing the overall speed and efficiency of logistics operations. Related parties receive alerts as deadlines approach, which helps reduce the risk of penalties.

Customer Service.png

Relieve Customer Service Workload

The process of sending shipping information to customers is simplified with the Antelope system. Once a shipment is processed, an email notification, generated by Genie AI, is ready to be dispatched to the customer, complete with all the necessary tracking information.

Share Documents.png

Workflow to share the documents between Port Offices

Our Client has office in ports around the world. In many situations, they will have shipment delivered to their other ports within the same group of companies. With our solution, the set of shipping documents can be shared to the destination office automatically when the goods is onboard. 


  • Increased Operational Efficiency

  • Data Accuracy and Reliability

  • Lower Risk of Facing Penalty

  • Reduced Storage and Management Costs

  • Better Utilization of workforce

  • Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

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