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About Antelope

"Only those who are brave enough to think too far can go much more further."

Clement Hong

Founder of Antelope


Our story begins with a Dream...

We started our journey since 2002 with our very first version of document management software. It ran on Microsoft Access database and was written in Visual Basic 5. There was no metadata, full-text searching, multi-level access permission, workflow, e-form and OCR capability etc. All we had was a dream of two young family brothers who want to make our software to become the world-class masterpiece someday.

We did it, and the journey is still going on...


Antelope, named after the resilient herbivorous mammals accustomed to arid environments with significant climatic changes, embodies adaptability and endurance. These creatures thrive in challenging conditions, a trait that Antelope has mirrored in its operations.

With a rich history spanning over two decades in business solutions, Antelope has become synonymous with innovation and rapid adaptation in a fast-paced industry. We have honed our ability to swiftly adjust to changing market demands, offering expert advice on how to effectively utilize the advanced features of your custom framework to enhance competitiveness and scale your operations.

Since 2022, Antelope has concentrated its research and development on artificial intelligence with the goal of automating document and data processing tasks. In 2024, the company introduced Antelope Genie, an integrated workspace that merges documents, content, business processes, and generative AI. This launch marked Antelope's transformation into a dedicated AI product company.

Our depth of experience and comprehensive market knowledge equip us to support your success. We have diligently analyzed market trends, consumer behavior, and competitive landscapes, providing insights that are invaluable to our clients.

Antelope is AI.

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