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Streamlining Workflow Benefits Both Employees and Guests.

How does the Antelope Solution centralize and
reduce manual tasks? 


Hospitality businesses are synonymous with luxurious accommodations and impeccable service. The check-in process is the first impression for your guests, where long wait times and complex procedures can create displeasure. Moreover, the complexities of managing countless paper documents, coordinating staff tasks across various departments—even in different regions—and ensuring flawless delivery of guest services are substantial challenges.


Our client, an international deluxe hotel and resort group, is continually seeking enhancements to increase customer satisfaction. They require a centralized platform for gathering and managing all types of documents. The improvement of internal communication between departments and branches is urgently needed.

Business Challenges

Manual Check In.png

Manual Check-In/Out Processes

Hotels often rely on manual check-in and check-out processes, which are time-consuming and can lead to long queues, potentially tarnishing the first and last impressions of a guest's stay.

Manual Booking.png

Manual Bookings Handling Process

Handling bookings manually is cumbersome and prone to errors, risking overbookings and inaccurate records. This leads to guest frustration with unreliable confirmations and undermines the hotel's reputation for service quality and reliability.

Hotel Counter.png

Check-in process can only be done at Counters

Before our solution deployment, the check-in process must be completed at the counters only, even for VIPs and under pandemic situation. Privacy and Long Waiting time in lobby could be issues to guests and the hotel.

No Task Management.png

Lack of Integrated Task Management

The absence of an integrated task management system, critical for coordinating a multitude of daily tasks from room service to maintenance, can cause disorganization and a decline in service quality.



Electronic Signature for Check-In/Out

Incorporating electronic signature technology (Antelope iSign) on tablets during the check-in/out process will expedite verification, reduce paperwork, and provide a secure, legal acknowledgment of the hotel's terms and conditions. This enhances both operational efficiency and guest convenience. eSign supports various documents, including Registration Cards, Credit Card Vouchers, and Mobile Payment Gateways.

Document Management.png

Advanced Document Management Features

Antelope offers document management features that enhance the efficiency of filing and searching for documents. All check-in/out information is saved to our system after signing and confirming. Utilizing Genie AI technology, we automate the process of converting information into indexed data, allowing for easy sorting and improved management and reporting. Even booking emails from travel agents are handled efficiently; Genie AI retrieves and stores booking information in the system for further processing.

Efficient Workflow.png

Customized Workflow & Notification Function

Antelope's workflow solution streamlines operations across departments, allowing users to design codeless operational flows that automatically forward files post-completion. Concurrently, Genie AI triggers alerts based on task due dates, improving efficiency, and mitigating the risks of delayed responses, late submissions, or service disruptions.

Email Reply.png

Automatic Email Replies to Different Parties

Antelope system is able to generate email response with essential data to different parties (e.g. customers, suppliers and etc.) after the completion of workflows. System may allow staff to modify the content before sending out the email. Hence, there shall be no delay and missing data on the replies in business-critical workflows (e.g. Debit Notes, Refund Request)


  • Enhanced Operational Efficiency.

  • Increased Guest Satisfaction by Minimized Waiting Time.

  • Handy steps to retrieve guest records for Frontline Staff

  • Eco-Friendly Practices Reduce Costs and Enhance Brand Image

  • Enhanced Data-Driven Analysis with Digitized Operations and information

Solutions Flow​

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