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Human Resources

Gain visibility into all stages from recruitment to offboarding

Why need HR solution?

The success and growth of an organization depend on how well its employees are managed and treated. That's why several organizations are trying out different ways to amp up their employee management and experience strategies. This is where HR software truly shines.


Using HR software, employee management becomes less about routine actions, which can be automated, and more about delivering an excellent experience that will keep employees motivated and happy. Every aspect of your HR operations, from onboarding to offboarding, can be done from a centralized location with HR software. It takes care of all the administrative work so that you can take of your employees.


Benefits of automating HR Workflow:​

  • Cost savings

  • Reduced re-work and duplicative work

  • Improve decision-making power

  • Effective use of resources

  • Better accountability

  • Reduce conflicts of interest

  • Improve internal customer service

  • A better working environment


How Antelope makes human resources workflow easy?

Automate staff onboarding and exiting

Antelope helps to lower organisational costs by reducing input of new employee data. Reducing the number of administrative work and save a significant processing time between department. The entire process starts with new employment request to staff off-boarding, data can be exported to HR system or Antelope MobileWork DX for smooth integration.

Resume Parser.png

Resume parser with machine learning capability

Antelope Resume Parser increases the job application completion rate by intake the resume received from email or files uploading in any format and parsing required data in a structural format such as personal particulars, education history, skillset, and previous working experience in a stylesheet format. Data can integrate with Antelope Staff Onboarding workflow to streamline the entire recruitment process.

Contract Template.png

No more creation of contracts and letters manually

Auto generating new employment contract and HR letters after workflow approval process for further processing by person-in-charge via web or MS-Office interface without repeating manual work.

Low-code workflow configuration for approval processes

Antelope's graphic user interface lets you to change your workflow approval process without any coding. You can append or remove any workflow steps and publish for using at anytime. 

How do our customers benefits from Antelope HR workflow?

  • Centralise the storage of staff profile, supporting documents and metadata with high-level security document management system.

  • Streamline the entire process from staff recruitment, onboarding, performance appraisal to off-boarding in one single platform.

  • Build in staff profile which work with Antelope MobileWork DX on leave application, overtime, compensatory leave etc. in case customers do not plan for implementing HR system.

  • Manager approval process done via mobile apps to reduce time on waiting and handle anytime and anywhere.

  • All records with audit-logging for ISO27001 compliance.


Reach our Solutions Consultants to understand more of our products and professional service at your most convenience.

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