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Generative AI

Document Parser

Read, understand and process your documents

Extract Key Information

Antelope Genie helps to define crucial index fields when uploading documents such as invoices, agreements and contracts. Our Genie AI analyzes and understand the content, extracting essential data to populate your index fields. Review and enhance the document index for effortless and efficient file retrieval.

Extract information.png

Document Summarization

Antelope Genie readily summarizes key points from texts such as agreements and contracts, providing role-specific editing suggestions. Store these customized summaries for easy document searches. Moreover, our Genie can even draft reply emails for various occasions, embedding summaries and recommendations in a professionally formatted email, enhancing your response efficiency.

Extract Keywords as Hashtags

Antelope Genie transforms how you organize files, tailoring its functionality to your specific role. Our Genie intelligently identifies and extracts relevant keywords from your documents, allowing you to select or input custom terms to save as hashtags. Other than searching by index, you may retrieve your tagged documents with our intuitive hashtag feature, making document management smoother than ever.

Important Date.png

Find Important Dates

Antelope Genie swiftly identifies important dates and milestone within documents, eliminating the need for manual screening. Simply input the recipients, and our Genie will send reminders, ensuring you always meet your deadlines.

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