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Generative AI

AI Capture

Templateless paper form capturing

Less Manual Setup

Antelope AI Capture redefines data extraction, eliminating the need for templates and extensive rule-setting required by traditional OCR. Our innovative solution deploys rapidly, adapting seamlessly to new document layouts without preprocessing. Experience reduced manual intervention and enjoy a simplified workflow that saves time at every step.

Manual Setup.png
Accurate Data.png

Accurate Data Extraction

Unlock superior text recognition accuracy with Antelope AI Capture, even in challenging conditions involving complex layouts and diverse fonts. Effortlessly process multiple languages, various document formats and handwritten notes, automatically classifying essential information such as due dates and payment terms.

Integration with other systems

Antelope AI Capture effortlessly integrates with your existing infrastructure, enhancing data flow to CRMs, HRMS, and other key business applications. This not only streamlines your operations but also fortifies data security, providing a convenient and reliable solution for managing information across platforms.

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