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Account Payable

Reforming the Accounts Payable Process

Why need Account Payable Solution?

Invoice management is critical for accounts payable. Automate invoice processing which helps you gain speed and efficiency – plus a new way to monitor and manage spending to maximize profitability.

With Antelope Account Payable solution, you can eliminate manual tasks, save cost, and avoid duplicate or overdue payments.


Benefits of automating Account Payable:​

  • Improve invoice cycle time

  • Reduce cost

  • Time-saving

  • Reduce re-work and duplicative work

  • Enhance process visibility

  • Reduce duplicate / late payment

  • Ease of integration with the existing Accounting system

How Antelope streamline your account payable process?

invoice processing.png

Auto invoice processing

Auto invoice processing (OCR the invoice and auto extract data): Invoice data are captured, match and process with build-in AI-based OCR technology which does not requires manual input and verification.


Shift data entry to your suppliers

Shift data entry to your suppliers: Reduce workload and eliminate inaccuracies with a multi-language supplier portal with supplier self-service. In addition, provide complete supplier visibility and reduce status inquiries.

excel word.png

Never work with word processing and spreadsheet again

Never work with word processing and spreadsheet again: Seamlessly integrate detailed, accurate transaction and reconciliation reports with your accounting system ensuring faster financial close.

Low-code workflow configuration for approval processes

Antelope's graphic user interface lets you to change your workflow approval process without any coding. You can append or remove any workflow steps and publish for using at anytime. 

How do our customers benefits from Antelope AP solutions?

  • Centralize the account payable process from multiple locations into a single operation centre which reduces the cost in terms of manpower and office spaces.

  • Automate the invoice-capturing process with AI-based OCR to reduce the time on manual input and verification.

  • Auto posting on recurring payment requests with pre-approval to reduce efforts in journal entry and approval process.

  • Seamlessly integrate with the accounting system on journal posting by schedule.

  • The manager approval process is done via mobile apps to reduce time on waiting and handle anytime and anywhere.

  • Saved manpower is assigned to revenue-generated areas.


Solutions Flow​


Reach our Solutions Consultants to understand more of our products and professional service at your most convenience.

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