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Food & Beverage

Say no to manual data input line by line.

How does Antelope Solution help automate daily work tasks?


We know that Food and Beverage Sector are facing the challenge of managing a large volume of invoices and delivery notes in every day, which are often in poor condition. This poses difficulties for both frontline and back-office staff. Our client, an enterprise with more than 100 restaurants under different subsidiary brands, is seeking to a transition from traditional file-keeping methods to a digital solution.

Antelope's mission is to streamline work processes and reduce repetitive tasks, enabling the resolution of heavy workloads and allowing staff to focus on providing excellent customer service. By implementing our solution, restaurants can improve their workflow efficiency, reduce the manual entry of data, and enhance their document management capabilities. This ultimately leads to improve operational performance and greater customer satisfaction.

Business Challenges

Paper Overload.png

Paper Invoice Overload

The Hong Kong Inland Revenue Department mandates the retention of financial records for a minimum of seven years, which places a significant burden on the storage and management of expenses.

Inefficient Frontline Workflow.png

Inefficient Workflow for Frontline

The manual process of book closing and stock taking is time-consuming and can lead to human errors. The paper documents are also required packaging and delivered to headquarter. This can result in late submissions to the headquarters and payment delays consequently.

Inefficient Workflow.png

Inefficient Workflow for Finance Department

The paper-based system leads to lengthy and inefficient procedures such as photocopying and manual data entry. Even with proper filing practices, staff members often waste valuable time searching for specific documents among numerous boxes.

No Visibility.png

Lack of Visibility

The paper-based system offers limited visibility into the status of invoices and delivery notes, creating difficulties in tracking progress and resolving issues promptly. This also poses challenges during auditing processes.


Data Retrieval .png

Intelligence Data Retrieval 

Antelope utilizes advanced Data Capture technology to accurately retrieve relevant data from scanned invoices and Delivery Notes. This eliminates the need for manual data entry and reduces the chances of errors. Even in cases of handwritten or new invoice formats, Antelope's 6 Genie AI technology can recognize company names, amounts, and other data without mapping processes. Users may verify the data before uploading it.

Document Management.png

Advanced Document Management Features

Antelope offers a document management features that enhances the efficiency of filing and searching for files. The retrieved data is automatically converted into indexes, allowing for easy sorting, better managing and reporting purpose.

Mobile Devices.png

Availability on Mobile Devices

Staff can conveniently use their smartphones or tablets with the downloaded Antelope application to capture data of invoices and delivery notes with our AI technology. The interface is designed to be simple and user-friendly, with different colors indicating upload status and notifications. This ensures an efficient data capturing process.

Cross Systems.png

Seamless Integration with Client's ERP System

The client's ERP system shares data (e.g. invoice data, delivery notes data, purchase order data, reports) with restaurants through Antelope. Data and reports are distributed daily at a specific time designated by the client. For example, after invoice capturing, the retrieved data can be seamlessly uploaded to the client's ERP system. This integration ensures that staff can access the documents and its status as usual, without the need to familiarize themselves with a new interface.


  • Enhanced Efficiency of frontline and back-office employees.

  • Improved Data Input Accuracy

  • Enhanced Visibility and Control for Finance Department and Auditing

  • Storage & Invoice Management Cost Savings

  • Reduce Late-Payment Penalty Risk

Solutions Flow​

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