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SME adopts Antelope Solution to boost their productivity

Updated: Jan 24, 2021

28th September 2020


SME trading company in the Greater Bay Area seeks an automatic and systematic solution to enhance its efficiency. Also, the company needs a secure platform for its staff to work remotely and communicate with their vendors.


Antelope Document Management Solution - enables staff to streamline document management processes using electronic forms and robust workflow automation solutions. The company also automated the Network Account Request process to grant, revoke, and change access to its core applications using Antelope Forms and Workflow. It has helped to facilitate compliance and protect sensitive information.

Antelope Cloud – incredibly secure environment, the employees now have remote access to one common business platform, enabling the organization to standardize, streamline, and expedite major business processes.

Moreover, the third-party (e.g. vendors) can access the cloud for document download with access control, reducing the time-cost on back-and-forth communication.


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