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Reducing reliance on paper documents with Antelope Electronic Document Management Solution

A quasi-governmental organization that is responsible for urban redevelopment. The organization employs hundreds of staff and generates a great deal of paperwork at multiple sites.

The organization had an urgent need for a system that would improve the ability of employees to retrieve documentation held throughout its various offices.

There were volumes of paper records stored at several sites, and it was a very time-consuming process for staff to attempt to retrieve specific documents from those locations.

To optimize productivity, the organization adopted Antelope Enterprise for digitization.

  • Operate and maintain the document lifecycles.

  • Ability to create various documents through Microsoft Word and Excel.

  • Circulate documents for collaborative editing and approval.

  • Standardize the document creation format through document templates.

  • Perform mail merge for letter distribution.

  • Streamline the document and information distribution between departments.

  • Integrate with other CAD systems for information access.

  • Avoid document duplication in the library with a checksum mechanism.

  • Archive Microsoft Outlook email by project code with a unique conversation chain which makes email history traceable.

  • The smart auto-tagging function for incoming and outgoing documents.

Electronic Document Management Solution

They moved directly from a paper-based filing system to a sophisticated digital solution with full Document Management functionality. Now, the benefits of rapid scanning and imaging, automatic indexing, full-text searching, and archiving are available at the touch of a button.

Previously, multiple daily trips were required to different locations to gather information from paper files. Files stored in a shelving system had to be manually cranked to move rows of shelves to get to the data. Getting information was time-consuming and inefficient. But now the documents can be retrieved virtually instantly with just a few keystrokes by using the Antelope Document Management Solution.

The Benefits

  1. Central management and storage of documents

  2. Enhance productivity and team collaboration

  3. All documents are now in one central location for search and retrieval, management has real-time access to reports

  4. Scalability and flexibility to modify work processes quickly and easily

  5. Simple integration with other 3rd party systems

  6. Provides a high level of security for document access.

Antelope Enterprise

Antelope Enterprise is a powerful document management and workflow solution that centrally manages the access and storage of information throughout an organization. Critical business information is securely protected to ensure only authorized users.

Antelope Enterprise's archive ability enabled customers to store their documents electronically. Access to these millions of documents is secure and instantaneous as a result of implementing Document Management Solution automated indexing. The information retrieval becomes more simple and quick by using the full-text search functionality.

The audit log and permission features enforce appropriate access to file because they can contain very sensitive data. Administrators can view every change made to the file through audit logging. User access rights can be tailored and easily administered, providing complete controls over the documents.

Antelope Enterprise streamlined many of customers’ operational processes. Business processes are now efficient, automated, and secure. Antelope Enterprise provides many business benefits.

The solution also enhanced staffs’ productivity by providing instant access to relevant information on-screen, without having to retrieve the information from other premises.


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