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Passion in Color 2022

Updated: Jan 6, 2023

Canon Hongkong Company Limited hosted “Passion in Color 2022” at Four Season Hotel, Central on 15 Nov, 2022. As the strategic partner, Antelope has been invited to join. With the advanced technology to optimize the business process, our solutions help organization to boost the efficiency and enhance productivity.

Empower AI to keep business moving

Antelope Contract Management is dramatically increasing contract visibility, minimizes risk, and never misses renewal date. Enterprises can manage the contract lifecycle more easily, thus can save the manpower and focus on higher-value work.

It allows enterprises to centralize, manage and send sensitive or confidential documents in more secure way; the built-in AI engine is specific for contract data and clause analysis. It can auto-extract all key metadata and clause language.

The Contract Reminder facilitates businesses to cut down on inefficiencies and make sure that you never miss a critical deadline. It also integrates with third-party digital signatures, enabling faster progress to signature and auditable contract records.

The utilization of digital tools can speed up the digital transformation of business. Antelope will strive to provide various business solutions to help enterprises tackle challenges and grab every golden opportunity.


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