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IT Pro Corporate Choice 2011

Updated: Jan 24, 2021

December 2011

Antelope has won the IT Pro Corporate Choice 2011 for the product Azora. Azora is one of the few small companies in the market that can manage both internal and external management for their daily business. After all, most enterprise solutions only focus on a single function and collaborate with different solutions to achieve multiple functions. This model can sell more system solutions, which is beneficial to solution providers, but it poses purchasing pressure for small businesses. The value of Azora is that it is not only a unified solution to closer collaboration among functions, but it can also save the cost of procurement solutions.

Global Custom Integrations established in 2001 with ten employees and based in New York, USA, and its main business is to set up smart home systems for customers.

They adopted the Azora Office System to handle daily administrative tasks, which significantly minimized the cost of deploying IT systems, saved daily operation time, and enhanced their staff's efficiency for business development.


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