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Contract Management Process Made Easy and Automated Seminar

Updated: Jan 6, 2023

Undoubtedly digital transformation is a constant in today's business world. The utilization of digital technologies will enable enterprises to enhance their business process, culture, and customer experience in the fast-changing market with new challenges and stay ahead of their business.

Antelope joined the “Contract Management Process Made Easy and Automated” seminar organized by Adobe Systems Incorporated on 12 Aug 2022, to discuss the digitalization of contract management, and sharing how the Antelope Contract Management Solution can helps businesses manage their contract lifecycle, and helps businesses to drive down costs, reduce time spent on

administrative tasks and improve resilience.

Antelope’s total contract management solution provides the best-in-class cradle-to-grave Contract Management Platform with AI. Assist businesses in centralizing all contracts in one platform, automating business processes, and collaborating effectively at every stage to maintain flawless compliance.

AI contract allows enterprises to handle contract management efficiently and simply with AI technology. With features equipped by the trained Al solution designed specifically for contract data and clause analytics, assists organizations to review the terms which violate company standards in a minute.

All documents are centralized in a high-security cloud repository, and users can search and retrieve them anytime anywhere. Automatic data capturing eliminates manual inputs and mistakes and enhances productivity. The digital workflows also fasten the work progress and strengthen communication between the departments.

It also integrated with Acrobat Sign for supporting digital signatures on documents to meet specific corporate requirements for user authenticity and authorization. All electronically-signed documents are stored in a new version, automating ongoing management.

The Contract Reminder function facilitates businesses to take out the guesswork, cutting down on inefficiencies and making sure that you never miss a critical deadline.

We believe that digital transformation would play a more important role in the business. And Antelope will keep innovating to develop a business solution, helping enterprises to stay ahead of the competition.


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