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Antelope Wins IT Pro Corporate Choice Award for 2020

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

March 2021

Antelope, a world-leading provider of intelligent content management and business process automation solutions, announced that its Mobility Working Platform Solution was recognized with prestigious IT Pro Corporate Choice 2020.

Always an innovator, Antelope continues its global efforts, promoting a digitally optimized enterprises’ business process, and enhancing their staffs' productivity.

“Antelope can help the market in various manners. We have a vigorous team of professionals and strong technical knowledge enables us to support the technology development and implementation plan. Moreover, Antelope’s technology offers end-to-end solution that connects enterprise through digital innovation, allowing our clients to save valuable resources and stay ahead of the industry.” said Clement Hong, Director of Antelope.

Always glancing at the future, Antelope will continue promoting the benefits of digitizing the business workflow on a global scale.


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