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Canon DX Journey: Achieving Digital Maturity

Canon Hongkong Company Limited has launched the solution show at end of 2021 with DX Journey Achieving Digital Maturity. As the strategic partner, Antelope has been invited to join. With the advanced technology to optimize the business process, our solutions across with different business functions to boost the efficiency and increase workplace productivity.​

Finance and Accounting - Antelope Enterprise improve efficiency

Antelope Enterprise is transforming business workflow through digitization and taking business to the next level. Antelope Enterprise uses advanced technology to automatically match imported data with source databases to boost efficiency and enhance productivity. With Antelope Enterprise, daily, repetitive, time-consuming tasks can be automated, releasing resources to be invested in more valuable business areas.

One of the example for the finance and accounting departments is to make use of the solution for the payment settlement. Antelope Enterprise can monitor email inboxes and download invoices from vendors automatically. And capture information and data from physical documents and ERP systems via OCR technology and input the combined data into a document management system (DMS) to trigger approval workflow before finally saving the record in the DMS.

Antelope Enterprise can capture information and data from third-party systems without reconfiguration or additional system customization. Companies do not need to invest in system integration, thereby saving costs and resources.

Sales - Mobility for daily work

The mobility platform is incredibly useful for a team that regularly goes out on the road to meet with clients in person or to see the latest changes in industry trade shows and events.

Antelope MobileWork centralized platform integrates with mobile devices to allow task management, human resources functions, workflow, and document and information exchange whatever of location or time.

Dashboard feature as a central hub for company information, allowing users to check business activities in one-click, such as upcoming duties, company updates, and colleagues on leave immediately, resulting in highly efficient internal collaboration and communication.

My Tasks function allows users to monitor the progress of assigned tasks and workflows for improved business operations and expansion. It can also integrate seamlessly with Canon MFDs for immediate workflow initiation and cloud data retrieval, offering enterprises flexible yet streamlined business operations with enhanced working efficiency and maximized potential.

Legal – Empower AI to keep business moving

Antelope Contract Management is dramatically increasing contract visibility, minimizes risk, and never misses another renewal date. Users can manage the contract lifecycle more easily, so they can save time and focus on higher-value work.

Antelope Contract Management with strong encryption allow users to centralize, manage and send sensitive or confidential documents in more secure way. Permission-based roles ensure only those who need access can see the documents.

The automated contract reminders can be set by your own for contract renewals and view your data dynamically. Never missed an opportunity to growth your business.

Our contract management solution also embedded with electronic signature technology from DocuSign and Adobe Sign. With electronic signature integrations, users can easily access documents and sign the document. The process of finalize agreements, complete approvals, and close deals just within minutes.

Information Technology – Hybrid printing anywhere with Print-for-pay mobile payment

Antelope PayLink is an unified interface allowing the way of accepting payments to be centralised, standardised, and streamlined. Connect with payment providers and acquirers in a few clicks, getting a clear view and full control of all your transactions.

The solution integrated with Canon MFDs to provide the one stop solution that convenient for users to print or copy and pay for it by their own.

The system administers can set the price structure based on paper size, Black & White or color, simplex or duplex printing or copying, also can generate the usage report in the back-end system.

We believe that digital transformation will play a more important role in the business. And Antelope will keep innovating to develop a business solution to help enterprises to develop their business models and enhance competitive advantages.


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