Antelope 5

Streamline your workflow and documentation
with automated business process management.


Comes with Cloud, Business and Enterprise Editions

Antelope 5

Antelope is an excellent business process management for Hong Kong,
available with smart clouds, curative business, and sleek enterprise editions.


Value Team Collaboration

The Antelope business process management system provides a Joint Edit, which is an excellent platform for your corporate team. Your team can work on the same document remotely with different version controls, while also effectively tracking all changes and amendments to rationalize business process management.


The Joint Edit has been built around teams that need to work remotely from each other. Antelope understands the importance of efficiency and productivity. It is our aim to provide business management solutions for companies that have various teams collaborating on different projects at any given time. Our goal is to facilitate growth and profitability in an organization through our innovative solutions.


Compatible with Microsoft Office

The Antelope business process management system add-on is available in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Visio, and Project. Your team can now create, upload, and save essential Office documents to the integrated system and attach it to their workflow tasks at the same time.


Antelope understands technical compatibility and the importance of technology that can easily integrate into your existing system. Therefore, to make your Hong Kong business process more seamless and well organized, we have created solutions that are compatible with Office. You can now create presentations, share documents with the team, and take care of all essential office business without any trouble.

<Codeless e-Forms and Workflow>

Antelope e-Forms & Workflow have never been this impressive. This business process solution in Hong Kong provides a script library that allows you to create advanced electronic forms with built-in script features. The script editor also enables customized application development.


You can now create forms without hiring tech-gurus to develop codes to streamline the workflow. E-forms are an essential component for every group and company to gain feedback, collect data, and organize an efficient workflow.

Antelope provides distinctive services to manage the business processes in an organization. You do not have to rely on heavily coded forms and files to get better results or analysis. You now have high-yielding solutions that can give the same results and save on expensive labor costs at the same time.

Seamless Document Management

For a company, nothing is more critical than managing and recording documents in an efficient and effective manner. Documents play a crucial role in the growth and success of an organization. From market analysis to progress reports, smooth documentation can save you a lot of trouble and hassle.

Document Management.png

Antelope provides a series of solutions that create an effective workflow and management system especially for documents. You can create, share, and present your documents without the need of multiple drives and folders. These cloud and enterprise solutions help you to centralize all your essential documents and files. This simple solution makes your work highly efficient and easy.

Strategic Planning and Tactical Implementation

Antelope’s business process management system comes with Cloud, business, and enterprise editions for strategic planning and tactical implementation of practices, policies, procedures and guidelines that are needed in the development, delegation, and execution of various activities related to business management. 

Antelope’s business management system caters to the robust and successful implementation of business strategies. It allows you to make tactical decisions regarding current activities, tasks, and procedures so that it can help you achieve specific goals and targets for your business.

Avoid Scope for Error

Centralized process management helps you reduce the scope for errors in details, documents, and files. When you move files from one place to another, there are high chances of errors and mistakes. Checking for errors and correcting them requires a lot of time and effort. 

Business process management can help organizations to centralize everything and create a company-oriented platform, which prevents errors and issues. You can create everything on one platform and share it with your team. Instead of transferring files from device to device, you can create a centralized platform and control its accessibility from a secure location.

Enhance Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is the foundation of success in an organization. A good team of employees with an efficient workflow system is crucial for effective management. With the help of a high-quality, well-defined business process management system, you can enhance employee engagement in your firm.

A definite system that is easily accessible, simple to manage, and quick to work on can save a myriad of costs associated with production and management. It also assists the employees to complete their tasks more efficiently and practically within a limited timeframe.