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Digitalize Workflow and automated work procedure to resolve your workload. 

How does the Antelope Solution improve work efficiency? 


The legal sector is traditionally inundated with paper documents and dependent on physical signatures, practices deeply embedded in its operations. Such reliance on manual processes leads to an overwhelming workload and significant time management issues for solicitors and legal professionals.
A local solicitor firm specializing in property transactions explored options for a more efficient workflow, seeking to alleviate employee stress and accelerate the progression of cases. Antelope addresses this issue by offering a multifunctional workspace designed to digitize paper documents and optimize workflow efficiency.

Business Challenges

Paper Overload.png

Paper Document Overload

The property sale and purchase process involves a staggering amount of paperwork, including applications, credit reports, legal descriptions, title deeds, and more. Applicants or staff might miss the submission deadlines or omit necessary documents, resulting in significant setbacks for clients.

Manaul Document Checking.png

Manual Documents Checking 

Solicitors are tasked with examining historical property deeds to verify the sellers' ownership rights. Conducting this process manually can be exceedingly laborious and time-consuming.

Inefficient Workflow.png

Inefficient Workflow

Certain applications require approval from multiple internal parties. However, our clients, as well as many law firms, still rely on a manual system in which documents are stamped with a cover sheet for signatures and then passed to subsequent approvers. This conventional method leads to a time-consuming and inefficient signing process.

Tight Timeline.png

Tight Timeline

A formal agreement for sale and purchase must be signed within 14 days following the provisional agreement; otherwise, stamp duty will be levied. The pressure for solicitors to prepare agreements within this short period can lead to potential oversight of critical tasks.


Document Management.png

Advanced Document Management Features

Antelope offers document management features that enhance the efficiency of filing and searching for documents. All supporting documents for application are saved to our system after scanning. Utilizing Genie AI technology, we automate the process of converting information into indexed data (e.g. the important contract dates), allowing for easy sorting and improved management, generating a short summary of the contract and reporting. 

Document Comparison.png

Document Comparison

Cross-checking information is crucial, as errors can lead to significant losses for clients. In our workspace, you can compare two documents with differences highlighted, eliminating the need to review each document word by word. Alternatively, you may input inquiry prompts into the Genie Chatbot, which will then extract the different content.

Efficient Workflow.png

Customized Workflow & Notification Function

Antelope's workflow solution streamlines the approval process, enabling users to design codeless operational flows that automatically route files upon completion. Users can also create and send eForms to collect signatures from the relevant approvers. Group approval Mechanism with Antelope Solution allows multiple staff to approve and comment the case simultaneously. In addition, the dashboard function triggers notifications based on task due dates, enhancing efficiency and reducing the risks of delayed responses, late submissions, or service interruptions.

Document Template.png

Create Documents Using Templates and Share Externally

Antelope provides customizable, preset document templates tailored for mortgage processing, streamlining the creation of uniform and compliant paperwork across cases. You can also easily share documents with external parties for online form filling and e-submission via the CloudSync platform or a secure link.


  • Faster Document Turnaround with automated workflows and pre-set templates 

  • Ensure all related parties have reviewed the case before making final.

  • Reduced Error Rates with automated documents checks.

  • Eliminate Excess Printing and Storage Expenses and create an environmentally friendly office.

  • Heightened Client Trust by quick response

  • Advanced Data Protection from leaking

Solutions Flow​

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