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Information Technology

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How can process automation solutions impact an IT workflow

As part of IT automation, personnel can use technology to develop software that can register and administer pre-existing applications from start to finish.  In addition, low-code IT workflow solutions allow IT teams to build and deploy processes without having to hire expensive development staff.


While some IT teams focus on more complex matters, others do routine system audits. These tests might be automated, enabling system engineers to focus on higher-value work.


Benefits of IT automotion:​

  • Streamline IT operations

  • Employees can focus on IT core issues of bigger scope and scale

  • Design and deploy workflows without expensive development resources

  • Efficiently manage complex tasks

  • Effective use of resources

How Antelope makes IT management easy?

IT service.png

Keep track of all incident logs and change requests

Antelope allows users to track the workflow such as IT incident log, IT change request

at any stage of the process.


This gives you and your team visibility of progress and enables you to chase where required or pick up potential problems before they become real blockages that have a potential risk impact on your organization's operations.

Streamline the IT purchase requisition processes

Antelope workflow makes it easy for businesses to generate purchase requisitions and streamline the process.  It allows for the easy creation of purchase requisitions and routes them effortlessly through approval workflows minimizing delays and bottlenecks.


After the purchase requisition is approved by everyone as dictated by the approval workflow, the official purchase order can be created. 

Secure backup of your infrastructure data

With Antelope, organizations gain operations efficiency through a single set of backup and recovery tools that work across all clouds and on-premises.

Antelope safeguard your data with a unified platform approach that extends beyond data protection.  It assists with backup for servers, emails, and workstations, and restores within minutes in case of a disaster crash.

Low-code workflow configuration for approval processes

Antelope's graphic user interface lets you change your workflow approval process without coding.


You can append or remove any workflow steps to fits your organization's needs and publish them for use at any time. 


Reach our Solutions Consultants to understand more of our products and professional service at your most convenience.

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