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Data accuracy and speed are key factors.

How does Antelope Solution help to boost up the operation performance?


Insurance services are often required in emergencies, highlighting the importance of a fast application and claims process for both insurers and their accounts.


Our client, a technology-enhanced life insurance and wealth management company, looked for a more efficient workflow to assist their clients promptly. This workflow applies to the three major work areas in the insurance industry: New Business, Policy Ownership Service, and Claims.

Business Challenges

Manual Operation.png

Manual Operations

The existing insurance system handles case data and only stores documents without any automation in the underwriting process and task management. Most of the case handling requires manual operations, which consume valuable human resources that can be avoided.

Cross System.png

Tedious Cross-System Operations 

Underwriters need to operate among different insurance systems (e.g., searching for reports and documents from several systems). These operations result in increased processing time and can lead to human errors.


Difficult to Monitor and Manage Process

Process performance data is not transparent, making it challenging for managers and supervisors to track case statuses and reassign cases and tasks.

Omni Channel.png

No Support for Omni Channel

Apart from direct customers, there are various channels, such as banks and travel agencies, that receive new customer applications. Staff members need to manually input the application data for further processing. This manual process causes delays in new sales and revenues.


Embed System.png

Embed Antelope system into client’s Insurance System

Antelope solution equipped with workflow module. Clients’ business workflow can be easily built within our solution with Workflow Designer. The workflow proceed automatically following the pre-defined workflow along with required documents and images.  

Two Displays.png

Seamless Operation between Insurance Systems and Antelope 

When underwriters select the tasks on Antelope, related documents saved in Insurance System will be shown up instantly, improving work efficiency.


Operation Dashboard and Task management

Managers can have a holistic view of task progress instantly. Our solution is capable of automatically assigning tasks to officers of different grades based on predefined case scenarios. It also allows for task reassignment under different circumstances, such as promoting case priority or following up on a case.

Cross Systems.png

Integration with different systems

Antelope APIs helps integrating different systems. Clients’ Insurance System, POS and Third-Party System are linked seamlessly, and the data is always in sync. Thus, new applications from omni channel would follow the customized workflow automatically.


  • Enhance the workflow efficiency in order to achieve the KPI of the insurance process

  • Better Case Management and Task Assignments

  • Holistic instant view on All Processes

  • Reduce Time Cost & Workforce Spending

  • Enhance Internal Communication and Task Monitoring to avoid human errors and performance bottleneck

Solutions Flow​

Insurance Solution Flow.png
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