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Antelope Industry

Antelope provides solutions to enhance productivity, streamline workflows, and improve overall efficiency for enterprises across various industries.



Insurance services are often required in emergencies, highlighting the importance of a fast application and claim process for both insurers and their clients.


Antelope streamlines and expedites workflows in areas of New Business, Policy Ownership Service, and Claims, ensuring a fast and smooth experience for insurers and clients.

Food & Beverage

Managing numerous physical invoices can be challenging in the restaurant industry.


Antelope helps digitize paper documents, simplifying the filing and record tracking process. Say goodbye to the hassle of managing damaged invoices and enjoy effortless document management.



Manual errors in data entry or missed payment deadlines can lead to penalties and damage the hotel's reputation.


Antelope provides the approval workflow with a user-friendly document reviewing interface and deadline notifications, mitigating these risks.


Manually sending shipping information to customers via email after receiving orders can be overwhelming, especially during peak seasons.


Antelope offers an automatic system that generates task schedules and notifies customers. Additionally, a management dashboard with KPIs is provided for effective monitoring and decision-making.

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