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I-Sign Pro

Digital Signature with Security

Antelope i-Sign is an electronic signature program for mobile devices, assisting in digital document signing. This generates sophisticated, long-term digital PKI electronic signatures that reside behind your hand-drawn e-signatures. Each consumer has a safely maintained private digital PKI signature key on the server. The server also maintains a stable, comprehensive audit trail of all signing activities. Moreover, digital signature reduces the risk of duplication and keeps the authenticity intact. It also prevents document alteration altogether and ensures that all the signatures are legitimate.


An advanced long-term PKI digital signature is also produced during the digital document signing process. Options are required to authenticate users before adding a digital signature, like verification. If you are looking for an electronic signature solution in Hong Kong, this is it. This is a complete solution for a well-defined, authentic digital signature that is expected in a firm.


What Makes Electronic Signatures Safe?

Advanced marks work through public-key cryptography. Public key cryptography is a cryptographic strategy that utilizes a key pair framework, private and public. The private key scrambles the information and is accessible just to the endorser. The public key decodes the information related to the computerized archive and is given to the collector. Be that as it may, the two parties should have an enrolled advanced declaration from a responsible testament power to associate the endorser and their mark. Public key cryptography guarantees the security, accuracy, and legitimacy of the record. Encryption is the way toward encoding information shipped off the collector in a structure that must be decoded by the recipient. Verification is the way to confirm that the data from the sender is certified and has not been modified on the way.

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Just like each manual signature is one of a kind, each endorser is given a special advanced personality from a confided specialist organization. When the underwriter signs an archive, the endorser's character is approved and the mark is encoded with the public key infrastructure.

Our computerized signature technology guarantees that the interaction of carefully marking archives is simple and secure. They provide a stage to sending and marking archives on the web and work with the appropriate Certificate Authorities to give confidence in advanced authentications. The Certificate Authority you are utilizing figures out what sort of data you might be needed to give. There can likewise be set guidelines and rules whom you send reports to for marking and the manner in which you send them. When you get a report for marking through email, you should validate according to the Certificate Authority's necessities and then continue to sign the archive by rounding out an online structure.

Cost Efficiency

Digital signature for Hong Kong companies saves them costs usually incurred on paper, ink, and other office stationery. Not to forget, it also saves the time that it takes in printing, scanning, and shipping it back to the concerned person. Electronic document signing is not only reliable, but also contributes to enhancing cost efficiency within an organization. Moreover, they also save on indirect costs like filing, tracking, and archiving data.

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Workflow Efficiency

Electronic signatures ensure that all the essential and time-sensitive documents are signed and delivered on time. It saves the significant delay and makes it easier for you to manage and track the signed document. It not only speeds up the work process but also ascertains that the signed documents don’t get misplaced or end up in the wrong hands. Electronic signatures in Hong Kong not only make signing documents easier but they also don’t come in the way of daily office work.

Enhance Customer Experience

Customer experience is valuable to any organization. Good customer service generates customer loyalty and profit for the organization. Electronic document signing solutions ensures that the customers can sign important documents from wherever they are and get the product or service without delay. Customers can digitally sign the document and send it back, even if they are located in remote or inconvenient areas.

You can enhance customer experience, create better engagement with the customers, and make your service more user-friendly all at the same time. It also saves a hard day’s commute for people who need to locate the customer in order to get the signatures manually.


Future Validity

The customers can maintain their PKI digital signature on the server, which ensures future validity of the signature. The compliance with eDIAS requirements holds validity even in the future. Therefore, even if the documents and other technologies change in the future, your signature will still remain the same. Digital signatures are more reliable, safe, and authentic when it comes to signing documents.

Promoting Sustainability

Corporate offices are aiming towards sustainable development and are trying to achieve sustainable goals. In today’s environment-conscious world, managing waste and attaining efficiency are essential. Digital signatures dramatically cut down the use of papers, inks, and pens for unnecessary document signing that will end up gathering dust in a corner office. Digital signatures are a step towards sustainable development, a step towards reducing waste and becoming more environmentally conscious.

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