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Microsoft Office Integration

Integrate with your Microsoft Office for creating and saving documents online

Enhance productivity by integrating your digital content



Your document and data are protected securely

Content Collaboration

Improved collaboration in distributed teams and real-time updates


One-Click Integration


Unify multiple applications with an intuitive, wizard-driven integration tool


Enhance Productivity

Enable employees to access, edit, sync, and share their Office docs anytime, on any device

Securely work with Microsoft Office 365 Applications


Instantaneously collaborate with others on Office 365 documents in Antelope and route for approvals.


Manage the record life cycles of Office content to promote compliance.

Decrease Manual Work with Automation Solution


To integrate multiple applications quickly and without coding.

Combine legacy systems where APIs are not available or in situations where a deep level of integration is not practical.

Enable employees to get rid of manual tasks like filling out forms and data entry, to facilitate they can focus on strategy and revenue-producing activities.

Lower Repeat Data Entry


Reclaim information from any integrated application and send it into Antelope with a single click.

Reduce human errors by populating document metadata or electronic forms with information from an external database.

Keep systems in sync by automatically saving information from Antelope in an external application.

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