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Document Management
Document Management Made Easier

Built to Meet Content Collaboration and Archives



Your document and data are protected securely


Content Collaboration

Improved collaboration in distributed teams and real-time updates


Record Retention

Easily manage the life-cycle of documents and get notified when documents are ready for disposition


Compliance and Accuracy


Keep you in-line with government compliance policy

A Cost-Effective & Environment-Friendly eDMS


Organizations that are dependent on document storage and require structured data presentation can benefit from investing in an eDMS. It saves time, reduces the extra burden, and improves efficiency. Along with that, it is also cost-effective.

You can record, track, and store an electronic document in the form of PDFs, word documents, digital images, and more with the intelligent electronic document management system.

For the lengthy documentation process, you save money on printing costs, cabinet spaces, and bulky document holders by digitalizing the whole process. It saves paper and prevents wastage of ink and paper. Thus, it is also environmentally friendly.


Access Your Content Quickly


There is a search bar that enables you to access your content quickly without wasting time. You can access your documents through keywords, usernames, identity information, and other custom searches that can help you access your content as quickly as possible.

You do not have to waste your time scrolling through documents. Simply use the search function to look for the documents you want. It filters the results as per the keywords you type to give you the best possible results for your searches.

An eDMS That Makes Content Collaboration & Sharing Easier


This Document Management System for Hong Kong provides an opportunity for the employees and managers to collaborate content in real-time. It also allows them to interact with the members through a secured network to facilitate immediate solutions and solve time-sensitive issues.

Through this document management for Hong Kong companies, employees can access, gather, share, and manage crucial company knowledge and inventory information to reduce time-to-market for a company.


Data Protection and Privacy


Through this electronic document management system, you can integrate all your documents and files from scattered places into a single repository unit. You can integrate documents from multiple platforms and sources into a unified solution with superior encryptions. We use 256 bits of AES encryption to prevent tampering of documents and unauthorized access to them.

Our company recognizes and values the crucial documents of a company and has built the best solution to manage them. You can easily restrict access to documents and information by managing the access permissions. It is solely you who decides who can access and manage the documents you stored.

Intelligence Indexing

We understand how tiresome it is to manually sort and scan the document index. It is a lengthy yet important process to direct, manage, and gather the documents easily. Therefore, with this eDMS, you can use the document contents like words and word patterns to identify and categorize the documents.

For example, categorize invoices, quotations, and letters using the content of your document into individual files. This reduces manual scanning and indexing of the documents and allows you to focus on other critical matters of the organization.


Access Through Any Platform


You can now access the documents through any native environment of Microsoft Office applications that are compatible with tablets, desktops, iOS, and Android services. You can now access all your documents and files through one platform and any available devices immediately.

You don’t have to worry about deadlines, accessibility, and safety of your documents. Your documents are not only safe but also instantly accessible from anytime and anywhere.

Streamless Collaboration Among Teams


Working with various teams all at once? Improve your team content collaboration with a safe and intelligent eDMS. This Document Management System improves collaboration among distributed teams in real-time with live updates.


This Document Management ensures a seamless content collaboration among team members and streamlines the work of the teams working on a project.

Record Retention

We understand the significance of managing the life-cycle of any document. We also get how frustrating and time-consuming it can be to manage too many documents all at once. This document management system has been designed to make this task easier.

Now, you get immediate notification when the documents are ready for disposition. This eliminates unnecessary paperwork and haphazard document management by creating consecutive life-cycles of the documents.

Empower Regulatory Compliance


This intuitive DMS streamlines access to information and improves efficiency by complying with legal obligations and security regulations. This ensures efficient data management and accurate data conversion for enhanced productivity.

The DMS software uses templates and automates the document creation process for effective content retention. It eliminates the risk of losing time-sensitive documents and regulates the office workflow.



The DMS is built to process and store your documents safely. Your documents are stored in a secure e-portal that bars any suspicious and malignant elements from accessing them.


We use a renowned, state-of-the-art security system and comply with standard security compliances with due diligence. We go to extreme lengths to ensure that your documents are inviolable and safe.

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