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Cloud Sharing
Share the documents and workflows with your suppliers, vendors, partners, and guest users with access control

Experience Digital Transformation with Cloud Sharing



Your document and data are protected securely


Content Collaboration

Improved collaboration in distributed teams and real-time updates


Centralize Control


Set up and manage access right to ensure all data centralized and secured


Access Anywhere

Available on any device: desktop, tablet or smartphone—anytime, anywhere with seamless online/offline auto-sync

Enterprise-Level Authentication


Antelope Cloud supports on-the-fly advanced authentication such as Microsoft Azure AD, open authentication, single sign-on (SSO) with Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS), and native password controls for internal and external users.

Industry-Leading Data Encryption


For data in transit over public networks, Antelope Cloud uses TLS encryption, and AES-256 encryption is utilized for data-at-rest, including backups.

Flexibility and Accessibility


Automated backups are encrypted and secure, while intrusion detection systems monitor for potential intrusions and unauthorized changes.


Set up and manage security rights from a user-friendly administrative console.


Synchronize your documents to your partners or vendors by public cloud without opening your local repository outside the firewall.

One-Click Synchronization


Automated synchronization between your Data Management System (DMS) and Cloud.


Administrators can trace back the updates in the control panel to make sure the version of the document is on the right track.

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