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Antelope Services

Antelope’s custom, adaptable IT Solutions are always based on industry-leading best practices. From improving management, or streamlining operations, Antelope will deliver to you.


Human Resources

Automating manual HR processes like recruitment, employee onboarding, off-boarding, and performance appraisals using an all-in-one HR suite. Antelope can improve process accuracy and speed up the process flow considerably.


As the infrastructure and software backbone for the entire organization, our workflow processes improves the communication between end users and IT department including inventory management, support logging, change request process and auditing template.


Finance & Accounting

Invoice management is critical for accounts payable. Automate invoice processing allows Finance & Accounting department to gain speed and efficiency. Invoices, orders, receipts are captured and auto-recognized by our AI-based OCR technology without complicated template setting and configuration.

Contract Management

Antelope Contract Management takes control of all your contracts. Quickly access key contract details, stay ahead of your obligations, and never miss another renewal with automated reminders.


Team Collaboration & Workspace

Antelope MobileWork DX is an innovative mobile working platform for teams that enables you to operate and assist your business practice in ways beyond the traditional method. With the mobile working platform, company can experience digital transformation offered by Antelope MobileWork DX which brings in numerous of benefit to your business.

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