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Contract Management
Streamline contract creation and renewal process

Every Contract is visible & stored securely with permissions.



Your document and data are protected securely


Centralize Control

Only storing one copy of a record in a centralized repository


Visualize all process

Digitize and visualize all contract processes

Automated Reminder

You can set the contract reminder for contract renewal and never miss the date

Comprehensive Contract Management


Antelope Contract Management is a comprehensive contract management solution.


It integrates document management, metadata, workflow, and electronic signing. Which will bring you success to the surface.

Contract Template Library


Our contract template library integrates perfectly with Microsoft Word with pre-approved language and terms. Simply search and open the document template directly from our Microsoft Office plugin. This improves agreement by making the contract creation process quicker, simpler, and more consistent.

Joint Editing


With the Joint Editor, every individual involved can work with the same document at the same time. Version control issues and variation from an approved or executed contract become non-issues.

Access Permission


You can assign multiple permissions based on different users and departments including the rights to access, download, print, modify and search.



The workflow platform traces the entire review chain with time stamps that mark all changes, approvals, and dismissals. It enables everyone to see the progress of the contract, beginning from — draft, pending approval, approval, implemented and reviewing.

Auto Alert


With the subscription and follow mechanism, the working team can avoid undesired expiries and renewals of all contracts. Automated renewals and sudden expiries create many organizations to lose revenue needlessly.

DocuSign & Adobe Sign


Antelope eContract also integrates with world-class electronic signing platforms including DocuSign and Adobe Sign. This made your process really go paperless and seamlessly integrate with the whole workflow process.

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