Release Notes

Antelope 5 Patches and Updates Release Notes

Antelope 5 Release Notes

5.0.0 Release Notes

12 January 2021

  • Quick Access on folder tree with My Check Out, My Favourites, My Clipboard, Recent Documents and Personal Folders.

  • Introduction of tab view in Dashboard.

  • New web parts including Recent Folders, Subordinate Initiator, Subordinate Participants, Workflow Template (with Icon) 

  • Subscription now renamed to Follow, and subscription actions can be triggered when a certain of index fields value are matched.

  • Collaborative editing on Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents.

  • Mark a document as final version and seal for further editing.

  • Thumbnail now supports transparent PNG files.

  • Group document by selecting multiple documents (Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF).

  • Document comparison and Side-by-Side view.

  • Document supports multiple hashtags.

  • User profile template

  • Document supports both base 10 and base 36 running number.

  • 14 new system reports are introduced. Permission control on different user groups.

  • Proactive alerts on abnormal system activities such as invalid login, invalid access of documents, mass download, sharing and check-out of documents.

  • Document preview supports over 200 document types.

  • Document comments and reply comments.

  • Folder based recycle bin.

  • Centralise eForm and Workflow database connection control.

  • Improved script editor with tips and examples.

  • Improved mobile view on eForm.

  • eForm section headers.

  • Workflow supports sections and sub-sections.

  • Smart Tag for workflow.

  • Workflow report generator.

  • Microsoft Office Plugins on Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook.

  • Mail merge and Microsoft Excel reference linkage support.

  • Email archiving in MSG with web viewer.

  • Microsoft Azure AD authentication supports.