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Updated: Jan 24, 2021

16 September 2019

Canon Hongkong Company Limited has invited Antelope to join their solutions shows on robot automation. With the RPA technology to optimize the business process, our solution eliminates repeated manual operation and boosting workplace productivity.

Mobility for daily work

Latest technological advances have taken business operations to a whole new level, but they are all about mobility rather than a single location. Antelope MobileWork centralized platform integrates with mobile devices to allow task management, human resources functions, workflow, and document and information exchange whatever of location or time. Dashboard feature a central hub for information, allowing users to check business activities such as upcoming duties, company updates, and colleagues on leave immediately, resulting in highly efficient internal collaboration and communication.

Antelope MobileWork’s My Tasks function allows users to monitor the progress of assigned tasks and workflows for improved business operations and expansion. It can also integrate seamlessly with Canon MFDs for immediate workflow initiation and cloud data retrieval, offering enterprises flexible yet streamlined business operations with enhanced working efficiency and maximized potential.

Automated operations

Advanced technologies such as Robotic Process Automation (RPA) are transforming business workflow through digitization. RPA replicates tasks that are repetitive and reoccurring in nature, boosting efficiency and enhancing productivity. Antelope Enterprise uses RPA technology to automatically match imported data with source databases. With RPA technology, daily, repetitive, time-consuming tasks can be automated, releasing resources to be invested in more valuable business areas.

One application example is the automation of payment settlement for accounting departments. RPA helps monitor email inboxes and download invoices from vendors automatically. It can then capture data from physical documents and ERP systems via OCR technology and input the combined data into a document management system (DMS) to trigger approval workflow before finally saving the record in the DMS.

RPA also allows Antelope Enterprise to capture information and data from third-party systems without reconfiguration or additional system customization. Companies do not need to invest in system integration, thereby saving costs and resources and taking the business to the next level.

Increasingly enterprises are embracing cloud-based solutions. Antelope cloud-sync that boosts business operations by improving the management, processing, and storage of information on the cloud platform. It is capable of easy information search and retrieval, digital workflow management, and document access control, enabling optimized information flow throughout the organization while helping save internal IT infrastructure maintenance costs.


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