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About Antelope

"Only those who are brave enough to think too far can go much more further."

Clement Hong

Founder of Antelope


Our story begins with a Dream...

We started our journey since 2002 with our very first version of document management software. It ran on Microsoft Access database and was written in Visual Basic 5. There was no metadata, full-text searching, multi-level access permission, workflow, e-form and OCR capability etc. All we had was a dream of two young family brothers who want to make our software to become the world-class masterpiece someday.

We did it, and the journey is still going on...


Antelope refers to herbivorous mammals which use to living in arid environment with enormous climatic change. In fact, they can adapt to relentless challenges.

With over two decades of business solution history, Antelope lives and breathes this fast-paced industry. We have also acquired the ability to adapt quickly to the evolving demands. Therefore, Antelope offers accurate guidance on how to best leverage the capabilities and advanced functionality of your custom framework, improve your competitiveness, and scale your enterprise.

We have the right experience, knowledge, and solutions to assist in your success. We have studied the market, learned consumer behaviours, and have a keen understanding of competitive research analysis, which is valuable to our clients.

Antelope – experience digital transformation in all its glory.

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