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Your virtual office can now be taken with you anywhere you go


Multitask & work with your busy schedule

With Antelope mobile app, you can review, annotate, and send documents while performing other tasks! You can work during the train ride to the office, or review and sign a contract while you on-the-go.

You can easily communicate, work, and do anything else, all at the same time. No moment is wasted when you’re always connected.

Collaborate anywhere, anytime

You can save your documents to Antelope cloud storage, and access them right from your phone. All documents can make them immediately accessible to any other collaborators. This makes it easier for multiple collaborators to work on the same documents, while on-the-go, or outside the office.

The issue of details sliding through the cracks is significantly less likely to happen when employees communicate and work together on tasks more efficiently.

Enhance transparency

Using the Antelope workflow app and making it possible for you to assign tasks more effectively than ever, you can automate a process, keep an eye on the outcomes for changes, and immediately assign team members to handle any possible problems.


Business workflow efficiency

Can you imagine the stress of working under pressure and forgetting the important tasks assigned to you?


​Having an automated business workflow management system can streamline and ensure that all tasks are delegated and completed on time. You also have the option to reassign projects and tasks.


An automated notification will be sent to your device to ensure all tasks are completed on time. 

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