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Ingests, classifies, and extracts data and turns it into actionable insights



Your document and data are protected securely


Centralize Control

Only storing one copy of a record in a centralized repository


Reduce Time & Error

Cut the costs & error of content capture and processing by reducing manual processes

Increase efficiency

Allowing staff to focus on critical tasks instead of manual ones, improves the overall efficiency level of the organization


All-inclusive data capture solution from pictures to modern searchable storage

Automate the business operation


With advanced AI technology, users can capture documents via mobile devices such as invoices and delivery orders. The captured data can be further integrated with your business process.

Boost productivity at work


Users can reduce time spent on manual tasks by auto-classifying documents, auto-capturing, and eForms for streamlining work processes.  With AI automation, employees have the time, resources, and freedom to focus more on strategy, innovation, and technology.

Pre-set eForms & eApproval


InSnap has various standard eForms and eApproval for common workflows such as expenses claim, staff onboarding / offboarding, purchase requisition, etc. These eForms and workflows are pre-configured to save time for employees, improve accuracy, and use forms to initiate the automated workflow.

Inter-process integrations


No more painful integrations with third-party vendors! Antelope InSnap flexible deployment capabilities are tailored to the needs of your business and can free your IT teams from the minutiae of managing integrations and enable them to focus on business growth.

Powerful search engine


Advanced search capabilities such as content search, smart tagging, and indexing, enable users able to search and quickly find the documents they want.

Document Access Control


All documents are secured with 256-bits AES encryption and are protected with a robust access control system to enhance security.  It also provides audit logging on every action within the system.

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