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Antelope MobileWork

Antelope Enterprise Mobility

Antelope Enterprise Mobility is a mobile document management app for smartphones and tablets, which enables you to view all your content stored in your documents, photos, videos on the cloud. View, open and edit documents in other apps, collaborate on content, initiate and complete workflow functions, assign and monitor tasks, and accomplish many other activities essential to mobile document sharing. iPad document management and iPad file sharing have become critical requirements for most companies; the Antelope Enterprise Mobile app was designed to address this challenge.


Workflow on mobile

With Antelope Mobility, you can initiate a workflow process, sign on an application form for approval, select participants and assign tasks and follows the task till completion. You will get push notification when your tasks are response or overdue.



Antelope Enterprise Mobility brings you much more advantages than other mobile document management applications:

  • Login with Microsoft Active Directory authentication

  • Multiple languages interface

  • Manage folders and documents with access permission control

  • Initiate document routing process with multiple recipients, deadline and action request.

  • Initiate pre-define workflow process and manage the current status

  • Fill in electronic forms and digitally sign for approval.

  • Offline access in case there are no internet connection available

  • Corporate device management tools for centralised control

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